Excel MIN function

The MIN function calculates the smallest value within a specified range of cells.  Only numerical values are accepted, given that MIN will identify the smallest number.  An example use might be to figure out which sales rep made the fewest sales in a given month.

Other commonly used statistical functions include MAX (the opposite of the MIN function), AVERAGE (average numerical value in a specified range) and MEDIAN (middle value within a stated range).




  • Number1 – the first number you wish to include within the ‘MIN’ lookup
  • Number2 (optional) – the second number you wish to include within the ‘MIN’ lookup
  • Etc

Most commonly, MIN is applied to a cell range (i.e. A1:A10), though you can choose specific cells instead or use a mixture of ranges and individual cells (e.g. =MIN(A1:A10,A12)).

Function category



The MIN function returns the smallest numerical value within the specified range.

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 Example of MIN formula

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