Excel ISBLANK Function

The ‘ISBLANK’ formula in Excel is used to ascertain whether or not a specified input cell is blank (i.e. contains no characters at all) or not. It returns TRUE if the specified cell is empty, or FALSE if it is not. For example, =ISBLANK(“Contents”) would return FALSE.

Note that even if a cell contains a singular space character, the ISBLANK formula would return FALSE.

The ISBLANK function is part of a larger group of IS functions that all return logical values (i.e. TRUE or FALSE). The other IS functions are ISODD, ISEVEN, ISNUMBER and ISTEXT.




Value – input cell to check. Note that only individual cells can be specified. If you select a cell range, the formula output will only refer to the upper left cell in the range.

Function category



Returns a logical value i.e. TRUE if the specified cell is empty or FALSE if it is not.

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 Example of ISBLANK function

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