Excel HYPERLINK function

The ‘HYPERLINK’ function in Excel will create a clickable link (to a website, a separate sheet, external file or to send an email) using a specified anchor text.

This function is useful if you want to setup a number of hyperlinks. To set up just one hyperlink, you also have the option of right-clicking a cell (in which you can include the anchor text), and selecting the ‘Hyperlink’ option.




  • link_location – The URL (e.g. http://www.google.co.uk/), sheet location (e.g. #Test!A1), external file (e.g. []), or email address (e.g. []).
  • friendly_name (optional) – Your chosen anchor text (i.e. the words you wish to be clickable). Note: if you are not linking to a cell for this element, you need to supply your anchor text in quotation marks e.g. “Anchor text”. If you opt against using the friendly_name argument, the formula will default to use link_location as the anchor text.

Function category

Lookup and reference


The HYPERLINK function will return a clickable hyperlink with specified anchor text.

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 Example of HYPERLINK formula

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