Excel FORMULATEXT Function

The ‘FORMULATEXT’ function in Excel will return the formula being used in any given cell in text format.

Note that this formula will only work on a reference cell which contains a formula.  A formula will always start with an ‘=’ sign. For instance, using the FORMULATEXT function on a cell containing ‘100’ will return #N/A, whilst using the same formula on a cell containing ‘=100’ would return ‘=100’.

This formula can be useful where you perhaps want to permanently see formulas within your Excel sheet.  Note that if you find yourself wanting to temporarily see various formulas at the same time, you can click the Formula tab in the Excel ribbon and select ‘Show Formulas’ which will present the formulas for all cells within your current sheet.




Reference – The reference cell for which you would like to return the formula.

Function category

Lookup and reference


The FORMULATEXT returns the formula at the given reference as text.

Download Excel File

 Example of FORMULATEXT function

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