Excel CELL function

The ‘CELL’ function in Excel returns information about a specified cell. The information returned varies depending on the ‘info_type’ argument selected.




  • info_type – The output returned from the CELL formula will vary depending on the ‘info_type’ argument you select. The options available are as follows:
    • address – Returns the cell reference of the specified cell in text form.
    • col – Returns the column number of the specified cell.
    • color – Returns 1 if the referenced cell is formatted to be a different colour when negative. Returns 0 if no such formatting exists.
    • contents – Returns the contents of the specified cell.
    • filename – Returns the file name and file path of the specified cell in text format.
    • format – Returns the format code of the specified cell.
    • parentheses – Returns 1 if the specified cell is formatted with parentheses, and 0 if it is not.
    • prefix – Returns a single quotation mark if the text in the specified cell is left aligned (‘), double quotation if right aligned (“) or a caret if centered (^).
    • protect – Returns 1 if the specified cell is locked, or 0 if not locked.
    • row – Returns the row number of the specified cell.
    • type – Returns ‘b’ if the specified cell is empty, ‘l’ if the specified cell contains text, and ‘v’ for anything else.
    • width – Returns the width of the specified cell, rounded up to the nearest whole number. Width is defined as the width of a singular character in the default font size.
  • reference (optional) – The cell reference you wish to extract information about. If no reference is selected, the default option is the cell in which the CELL formula is located.

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The CELL function will return information about the formatting, location, or contents of a specified cell.

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 Example of CELL formula

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