Excel AVERAGE function

The AVERAGE function calculates the average (i.e. sum total divided by number of numbers) value within a specified cell range.  Only numerical values are taken into account.  An example use would be to calculate the average monthly sales of a business across the last 12 months.




  • Number1 – the first number you wish to include in the average
  • Number2 (optional) – the second number you wish to include in the average
  • Etc

Most commonly, AVERAGE is applied to a cell range (i.e. C1:C5), though you can choose specific cells instead or use a mixture of ranges and individual cells (e.g. =AVERAGE(C1:C5,B7,D2)).

Function category



The AVERAGE function returns the average value within a specified range (i.e. the sum total divided by the number of numbers incorporated within the range).

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 Example of AVERAGE formula

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